10 Things You Should Never Do In Public

Yelling in the vehicle
  1. Never raise your voice in public: Yes! It is absolutely wrong to shout on top of your voice while in public. Even during a misunderstanding, you can disagree with people and still maintain decorum in the process.
  2. Never spit carelessly in public places: Some people can be so irresponsible with the way they spit, and that can be very irritating. Whenever you fell like discharging saliva, you can look for a gutter around, and in a case where there is no gutter nearby you can go to the side of the road and do it respectfully.
  3. Never pick your nose in the public: Most people are sometimes easily carried away that they can pick their nose without a handkerchief, regardless of who is beside them. Even if you must do that, be sure to do it a handkerchief and with propriety too. pick nose
  4. Never chew loudly or with your mouth open in the public: While eating you should never allow yourself to be too carried away by the sweetness of the meal that you forget to pay attention to table manners.
  5. Never lick fingers during or after meal in public places: Yea, I know you probably paid heavily for the meal, but please no matter how expensive or scrumptious the meal is, be sure not to lick fingers in public. Even if you have to, do it without breaking the rule of table manners.
  6. Never crack bone with your teeth in public: That is very wrong. The sound of it alone can call unnecessary attention.
  7. Never pick teeth with fingers after meal: This is why it is nice to always have a toothpick within your reach. Toothpick is meant for extracting bits of food lodged in-between teeth, not fingers.
  8. Never shout or laugh loudly while using the phone in public: Have you ever sat beside somebody maybe in the bus or somewhere and the person is screaming during a phone call? That can be very irksome. Never do that.
  9. Never eat while walking on the road: I know sometimes you can be very hungry that you don’t care eating anywhere, but you can look for a place and eat. Honestly you don’t know how uncultured eating on the road makes one look.
  10. Never speak or act before thinking: Whether you are in a public place or not, you must be sure to always think things through before saying or doing them. You wouldn’t want the world to know how arrogant and petulant you are; comport yourself properly. Be slow to anger and never let bad behaviors exude from you. Above all, be flexible enough to accommodate and tolerate other people. Click To Read More On Tolerance.

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