3 Churches in one building!!! Psquare Brother Jude Okoye Reacts.

Jude Okoye

Jude Okoye, the elder brother to the Nigerian Music Duo, Psquare shared a picture on his Instagram handle showing a building hosting 3 different churches, showing his displeasure in such.

Jude Okoye

In an Instagram post he penned;

‘3 different churches in One Building. I guess they are preaching about 3 different Heavens. And no, I did not touch any of your anointed. Happy Sunday.’

The statement has attracted a lot comments from people who either opposed or supported the motion.

Some of the comments were:

shaka.jd Corporate Affairs Commission pls do your work. its high time all churches and mosque should be paying taxes and they need to be audited

tosyneee There can be as many churches as possible in one building… The aim is to reduce the number of souls being driven to HELL on a daily basis… HELL is real and is hotter than your platform.. Sorry if i hurt you.

sekedelictracy???? the anointing on that building can move mountains ?

princessnovia100@judeengees you are just showing ur foolishness and immaturity to d world… if it were several clubs or business will u carry ur local phone n foolish hand to type dis nonsense? u jus downgrade churches as if it has become a problm seeing diff churches in a building! fakeness of d highest order

victorderryNa church e con reach for u to shade abi@judeengees

odianosen9@ademolapatrickslim how will it make sense to you? Ur celebrity don talk about churches and u are happy,I feel sorry for you.

diva_adaugobrownOdikwa egwu ohhhhhh, odikwa risky for only one God? Hmmmmm. The competition na helele ohhhh

mrcash_ruleNo be there fault! If no be God waiting them get to talk about?? Don’t be desperate before going to church! You will be their perl!! They are the savants of God no questions, I am the son of God any questions? Savant and Son who get level pass? Savant enter oga bed room problem don da be that!! Just sayin ??

victorderryNa church e con reach for u to shade abi@judeengees

We will like to get a feed back from you, do you think it is bad for more than one church to be in a building or not?


3 different churches in one building. I guess they are preaching about 3 different heavens. And No, I did not touch any of your anointed. Happy Sunday ??

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