A Must read for all Ladies : Things they do to our women though..

My brother Philip Asuquo speaks up on some gray areas in this write. Read….

The things they do to our women though….

They got you wearing fake hips, fake buttocks, heavily foamed push-up bras then have you look like your body is on emergency and you are spilling out flesh from the chest region…

They got you wanting to slim down to fit the look they have in their heads and eyes…not for health reasons, but to fit the look they see in their sexual fantasies and out of their superficial assessment.

Dear sister, in the face of all this, I pray you do not suffocate the woman you are.

If any man wants you to ‘attach up’ or do a body double before you catch or keep his eyes, please take a chill.

What happens when you take those fake things off and he sees you as you truly are? Will he stay? Or are you putting all those things on to satisfy his moment of satisfaction? What does that leave you with?


Our sisters have been made to live up to an image carved out by perverted minds. They have made it seem like the norm to cut a ‘sexy’ image and if you don’t cut it, they make it look like you don’t know wassup or just don’t have it…


You post a picture and you see them jump in and call you ‘sexy’

..tell you ‘I like what I see!’…

All they see are the curves of your hips, the cleavage you show and they lick their lips and do not see beyond those points…then they ask ‘Can I have your number?’

..because of merely what they see? Do they know who you are?

So you meet up and you allow them touch and take what they saw, not minding how it affects the woman you are…and you don’t care too?

The earlier you realize that the woman you are is different from the perverted image they try to make you fit or the perverted life they make you live that you agree to, the better off you are.

For every woman…there is something unique and original about you that people with clear eyes will find very attractive.

Do not cover it up with layers of ‘FAKENESS’ just to fit their picture.

If you have to fake up to hook up, its all just a fake set up and the moment the fake is up, the fake guy will look for something else that catches his superficial fancy to attach his fake self to and continue living his fake life.

Let that fake N*gga take a walk and keep his eyes and hands to himself, sis.

Your true worth is worth way more than that and you won’t find your original point of attraction in those foamy hips/buttocks and push up bras.

Focus on knowing and becoming the real woman you are..don’t be distracted by their distraction and end up becoming nothing more than a mere sexual distraction to human kind. Your purpose is deep. Be deep.

i am PAQ‬



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Written by Perry Martins

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