A Warm Letter To The Youth

fightin for your future

My dearest young people listen! The battle for your head is very tough, and it is getting tougher with each day that passes by.

The idea to write to you today came after an incident that occurred in my community last night, where a pregnant teenage girl took drugs, gave birth to her baby in the bathroom and threw the child in the waste bin.

While I condemn the actions of the girl, permit me not to focus on her actions but on the deed that brought about the action which is pre-marital sex.

Because if there is no sex, there would be no pregnancy and if there is no pregnancy there will definitely be no need for abortion.

You see, the enemy of your soul will not stand before you with a cutlass to bring down your head; he simply injects in you an insatiable desire for sex.

He does not want to be held responsible for your downfall; hence he just lets you enjoy yourself into destruction.

In this battle against your destiny, the only way you can redeem your head is to become actively involved in that battle, and when you fight, you must fight with the mind set to win. Also Read: You Can Reach The Finishing Line.

Have you noticed that pre-marital/extra-marital sex has become the undoing of many destinies today?

If it is not fornication, then it is adultery, if it is not masturbation then it is addiction to pornographic videos and images, if it is not incest then it is an unquenchable attraction person of same sex.

This battle is heated and the painful part is that the odds are against you as a young person.

You make up your mind to stay chaste. You listen to messages and read books to aid your decision, but on coming to social media the very first post that appears on your newsfeed is one that promotes pornography.

You tune in to your radio and the song the presenter plays is such that arouses your desire for the opposite sex.

You tune in to your TV set and everything you see there does not help your decision to stay chaste at all.

The worst is when you decide to see a movie, you confide in your peers and they tell you how foolish you are for not engaging in the act like they are doing.

Everywhere you turn to there is something that makes you feel unworthy for choosing to keep yourself, but despite all these temptations, you’ve got to fight for your destiny and leave nothing to chance.

But it all starts with a determination that no matter what happens, you will fight to win.

Like the saying goes “When determination is predominant, failure cannot dismantle the flag of success”.

It’s a call to redeem your future.

Will you heed the call?











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