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About us

Gospotainment Media is a gospel music and christian entertainment mass media company aimed at packaging, branding and promoting gospel music/entertainment.

We believe there is more to christian entertainment. It should not be relegated to Sundays. We believe that the Christian life style is an everyday thing and should be treated so. Gospotainment was founded in 2009 and is mandated to promote, publicize and broadcast gospel music and christian entertainment content.


Our vision is to be the world largest gospel entertainment media corporation.
Our mission

our mission is to deliver wholesome entertainment for Christian and non Christian consumption. This is to protect our society from the moral decay that comes with  secular entertainment.
To achieve this we need funding to organize concerts, run our radio and TV Channels, Produce Christian Media contents  for distribution on the Internet, TV and radio, pay our staff, Support the gospel artistes and Christian Entertainers and conduct humanitarian services.

Our brands include;

Gospotainment online;

This is the flagship website of Gospotainment. This site it designed to feature and report every programme, news, event and all that is related to the inspirational and Gospel way of life,music and entertainment. It features News, Music download, Movie updates, Artist directory, About us page and contact information, upcoming concerts and after concert reviews, testimonials, TV/Radio programme schedules, charity services, choir, group and individual artist interviews, videos, top ten count downs, and many more.


Gospotainment PR Services: this is the arm of our organization responsible for public relations, publicity and media promotions of Artistes, Events, choirs, churches and other gospel/inspirational platforms.

Gospotainment Radio:  This is a radio version of what we are doing on the internet. It is a radio channel that is designed to promote gospel music in all its forms namely: individual, group and choir. We believe that these three genres are what make up the vast empire of gospel music. We also would be x-raying and playing the different version of gospel music such as the traditional and contemporary. Gospotainment Radio features Interviews, news, song countdowns, concert reviews, HOLYGHOST party, DJ sessions and lots more. We are determined to create a different potpourri of programme that will bless the life of people.

Gospotainment TV: This is a gospel and inspirational TV platform that will feature videos of gospel music, interviews, concert excerpts, lifestyle, celebrity gist, count downs, movies and other Christian entertainment programs. Because we know that all these things exist in the modern Christians life, therefore we will celebrate it. The whole idea is to celebrate the positive value of our daily living as Christians and that of our celebrities.

Gospotainment Magazine: An all gospel music magazine that revolves around the gospel music industry celebrity, fashion, life style, belief, concerts, album release new music countdowns and lots more.

Gospotainment Concerts and Tours: We intend to host concerts and tours in different cities of nations, it’s going to be like a moving train and crew hosting gospel concerts in different cities of country with each location’s local gospel artists be part of the show, Thus giving us an opportunity to celebrate the local and international gospel artists. It’s going to include dance, comedy, music and lots more.


  1. Whom is the owner and director of this media network please.

  2. Good day, how can i upload my song on your site

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