Alibaba Comments on Hallelujah Challenge as it hits 68,000

alibaba - hallelujah challenge

The participation for the hallelujah challenge has been on the rise since it’s inception, gradually moving through the ranks from 30,000 then sky rocketing in the past three days and currently standing at 68,000 participants after the record 50,000 two days ago.

Though the 30 days midnight praise-and-worship online event has been attacked by certain individuals notable of them all being Joy Isi Bewaji; who argued that the hallelujah challenge will not change anything in Nigeria, participants are not swayed as visible exciting and anticipation is seen all over social media. In her rants, she said

Hallelujah Challenge will succeed bigly in Nigeria. That’s a given. Not a miracle. Religion is the bedrock of our confidences and convictions.

Reinhard Bonnke succeeded in the 90s with his exaggerated revivals in Nigeria.

Adeboye succeeds every first Friday of the month, leaving travelers along Ibadan-expressway pulling out their hair (the irony of that situation: a god worshiping mission that makes people swear and curse in god’s name for hours of traffic they have to suffer just so a few can practice a religion).

Christ Embassy succeeded on Television. No ministry is yet to beat the hours dedicated to Oyakhilome’s theatrics.

Religion succeeds in Nigeria. If I start a church today, it will succeed. Calling or no calling. Because we are not people given to anything apart from an obsession with things we cannot see or have any control over, whilst all that we see rot away and are destroyed by our innate corruption.

Ali Baba comments on Hallelujah challenge

Popular Ace comedian Ali Baba commented on this on Instagram saying;

Come an see how This man don condition man from 12 midnight now… shuooooo

Come an see how This man don condition man from 12 midnight now… shuooooo

A post shared by Ali Baba (@alibabagcfr) on

During the One Hour challenge last night Nathaniel Bassey passively commented on the criticism by Joy Isi Bewaji albeit indirectly, making reference to a bible verse that talks about people not understanding the things of the spirit and people mocking spiritual things. He how ever reiterated that he is doing what God has asked him to do and that Nigeria will never be the same again.

As we look forward to the remaining days of this challenge we believe that all our hopes and aspirations will come to pass.

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