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Amazing Fruits Tips Every Believer Must See

?Eating Fruits on Empty Stomach will Detoxify Your Body.
(The Fastest way to remove body poisons.)

?Eating Fruits Just before or after meal causes both the meal and fruit to rot and acidify in you body.(That’s not good)

?Eating fruits on empty stomach prevents graying of hair, balding, Nervours Outburst, dark circles around eyes.

?Drinking Canned and Bottled Fruit Juice only poison your body.

?Drinking Natural Squeezed juice is the best.

?Eat an Apple a day, then Stroke, Colon Cancer, Heart Attack shall be far from thee.

?Regularly eating Water Melon will boost your Immune System You will Harley be ill.

?Be drinking Cold Water or Drinks after meals and Cancer will soon be your Friend.

?Eating Oranges Often Lowers Cholesterol.

God has made everything availabile for our wholeness. When we apply ourselves rightly to them we live fulfilled.

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