American Pastor Creflo Dollar told “you’re not welcome” in Scotland

American pastor  Creflo Dollar who is the founder, senior pastor and CEO of World Changers Church International which has offices on every continent in April 2015  faced a controversy after asking his followers to pay for a new private jet, has been told he’s not welcome in Glasgow, by the Free Church of Scotland.

He asked 200,000 people to each donate ‘$300 or more’ to pay for a new luxury aircraft to replace his current jet.The pastor said the jet would be used to help him travel the world and spread the Gospel.

He’s due to appear at the city’s SECC in June for an event expected to be attended by thousands.

Rev David Robertson, Moderator of the Free Church accused Mr Dollar of blasphemy and slammed him as”embarrassing”.

He said “Creflo Dollar coming here is appalling. He’s a multimillionaire, American, televangelist and we really do not need him here. The church doesn’t need him,”.”It’s embarrassing to have somebody like that come. His prosperity gospel is blasphemous. It’s not what people in Scotland need to hear.”

“He’s not welcome. Not with that message. It’s a horrendous message that he brings. It’s not the message of the gospel at all. He can keep his jet and use it to fly elsewhere.”

The Church said “The appeal was made to “like-minded people” and that “there was not, nor will there be, a request for donations from the public at large”.

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