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An Interview With Gospel Rock Band Gforce[@gforcenaija]

1. Introduction of the band as a whole
We are a Nigerian christian rock band, based in Lagos, Nigeria
2. Origination of Gforce ( Genre of music,where,when,how,year and why)
We are a band of 10 guys, with the genre of Rock, Started in 2010 somewhere in Lagos mainland. We started because we were called to ministry and it was easier for us based on a fact that we are all friends from way back
3. Songs/Album released till date
We released our first single titled “I SEE YOU” in June 2014 and later followed up with some other singles titled “No One” ft Eben, “Thank You Jesus”, “The Resurrection” and “Faithful God”. At the moment, we push further to release a compilation of our singles otherwise called an Extended Play, which is titled “THE SINGLES EP” to be released in 2017
4. First performance
Wow, our first performance was in December at Redemption Camp, Teens Auditorium, during the Annual Holy Ghost Congress, 2010.
5. Greatest Challenges and how you think you can overcome them?
Well, for us there are no challenges any where because Christian Rock in Lagos and has probably  grown with wide acceptability since God brought us into the scene. By the grace of God so far, we have been able to gain attraction from the masses due to a different approach we gave to the craft.
6. Greatest Fear
We fear Nothing, cos we believe all things work together for our good
7. What is/are your hit song/songs?
8. Your long term goals
We have in our vision to build community called RockNation (which started in 2015), a potential form of youth ministry to reach out to lives by leveraging on the good things they love most. Anything for the expansion of God’s kingdom is our mandate.
9. What are your achievements so far?
– The RockNation Movement
– 2015 Crystal Gospel Awards, Nominee “Best Rock”
10.What should we look out for in your band,what is it you think you have that makes you unique and Outstanding?
The world of man should be on the look for us because we are not ordinary according to Romans 8:19

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