It was a very hard decision to make. It took me at least four years to
finally make this decision that seemed so impossible. Yes! I have made the
decision and I have no regrets whatsoever. I know you are wondering what
this decision could be. Just follow me as we take it slowly. I am writing
this to myself and every other young man or woman who is still single out
there as a way of encouraging you and I do hope you pick something out of
my thoughts.

I know you have struggled over this subject severally for a very long time
now and the struggle may apparently be in motion. What you actually want is
indeed a good thing but I need you to understand that whatever is worth
doing should be done rightly.

Irrespective of who you are, your age or where you come from, the focus on
finding your significant other is an all time discourse for everyone. Like
one rightly said it is the most important career decision anyone will ever
make in life and as such I believe it should be done properly.

You will agree with me that the issue of being in a relationship is a topic
that never leaves the conversation among young folks and if you are not in
one in our today’s world, it begins to look like you need some medical
attention. I really must say that the pressure that comes with this is
totally alarming and uncalled for.

People act as if being single is a sort of predicament or disease and
please don’t get me wrong relationships are not wrong but I will encourage
that rather than jumping into something that you may lose your peace about,
it will be more appropriate when you are ready.

There is so much to enjoy when you are single and alone and I want you to
embrace it as I have decided. It is a good time to learn, grow and prepare
yourself for the future and I wouldn’t want you to blow all that up.

The singular reason that it’s happening for others does not mean it must
happen for you at the same time. The act of whining that all your friends
are in one relationship or the other and you are not is totally immature.
Let me gladly say to you that those other people are the most inaccurate
measurement device you will ever hold up to yourself.

I have heard people say things like this is the best time to find someone
to start life with and while there may be nothing wrong with that thought,
I believe life is what we make out of it and not what someone else thinks
we ought to make it. Besides, do you really need anyone to be by your side
before you start living the life of your dreams?

Some persons have also said you can find true happiness when you are with
someone but that is just a myth. If you can’t be a happy person when you
are alone, am sorry to say that you may never be happy with anyone. I think
it is far better to stay with no one than to stay with the wrong person. A
wise man once said that those who fly high most times fly alone.

I have been a victim of this undue pressure and recently, I just felt that
the way am going about this thing may bring a result that wouldn’t go well
like we say in the local parlance. E no go go well at all!!!

I began to say to myself that there is nothing to be stressed about my
current relationship status and it doesn’t in any way hold me back from
accomplishing great things. If you are single, you are just where God
wants you to be and like I have decided until HE prompts me otherwise, I
have no regrets and there is nothing to lose.

The simple challenge all these years has been the inability to hand over
the subject to God so he can make the best decision for me and now I am
willingly to trust him believing that he won’t disappoint me. Forget! When
the time reach, you no go dull the package. Many young people are willing
to surrender every other area of their life but not this one.

There are many things to look up in our life so don’t let this subject
consume you and ruin what God has in store for you. Don’t let people
pressure you into any relationship no matter what. Don’t let anyone tell
you that there is a flaw with being single. There are many single boys and
girls doing wonderful things with their lives. Don’t let anyone make you
think being single is inferior. The fact that you are dating a boy or one
girl doesn’t make you better or complete in any way compared to someone who
is single.

Let me say that this is the best time as a young and vibrant youth or teen
to use your potentials to bless God and bless lives and you would be a
failure if you allow the pressure of being in a relationship ruin God’s
agenda for you.

I know that God will lead us to the right person at the right time but
until then keep preparing and garner some value to your life. I will see
you at the top.

About The Writer


SAZZIE (real name Isesele Ezekiel Osaze) is a multi faceted young man who
is a Media and Broadcast creative, Singer and Social catalyst. He is
monikered the media legend by his friends because of his enthusiasm for
using the media to transform lives.

He is a rare breed who is poised to positively affect the lives of as many
that crosses his path using his gifts and potentials.

He has served as a Radio host for the top10 music chart on Rhemaworld Radio
and He is currently the founder of a twitter brand (ipublicizeJesus) with
over a thousand followers and a co-founder of other brands such as
GodlyBeatz, Godmen League and The Social Media for Social Good initiative.

As a performing Christian artiste, Sazzie has blessed lives on different
platforms with his rich vocals and anointed style of singing. He has a
mission to bridge the gap between faith and entertainment and have
platforms that will be referred to as most influential kingdom tools for
social transformation tied to his belts.

He is a certified media and communications executive.

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