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Article: Don’t mistake humor for comedy- Kenny Kore

Kenny Kore speaks on comedy

Comedy is like Sex. When you remove it from its appropriate place, and time, (marriage). It becomes a sin.

We all have penchant for humor, even when humor is not our objective, but the single purpose of a consummate comedian is to cause laughter.
He would not hesitate to lie, to mock, even blaspheme, what ever it takes to connect with the audience.

A comedian can be categorized with a prostitute, and a thief. When a man blasphemes the Name of GOD, and HIS Hallowed Word, in a so called Sanctuary dedicated to GOD’S honor, Such a man is a PROSTITUTE.

When you invite people to come celebrate and hallow YHWH, then give them a comedian who ridicules the same GOD, you’re a THIEF. Clowns could be used at weddings, birthdays, housewarming, and other social events, as long as they don’t blaspheme GOD, or profane HIS Word, or mock the poor.

Note: if you take everything wrong with comedy away from comedy, there won’t be much comedy left. You don’t lead a church by sentiments, or CURRENT SOCIAL FAD, but by the Holy Spirit, following laid down precepts as it is written in the Bible. Remember, we must not add to the Bible, or remove from it.

My point remains that there are talents that are place and time appropriate, and jesters at a devotional service is ANTITHESIS TO THE SCRIPTURES.

There have been genuine children of GOD who were humorous throughout history, they never saw a devotional service as the right place to sell their market, and they have not found that as bases to turn against GOD.

It is only in this Laodicean church age that we’re hearing that if comedians don’t perform at devotional services they’ll backslide.

Since churches have been giving comedians platforms, have they stopped performing at secular events, or the clubs?

The greatest argument against comedy at a devotional service is that there is NO SINGLE SCRIPTURAL PRECEDENCE FOR IT. And the last time i checked, the scriptures remains the Christian standard.


In conclusion,  Until We Come To The Unity Of Faith READ YOUR BIBLE, MEDITATE, PRAY, AND OBEY GOD…Kuorire


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