Article : How Evander Holyfield asked Tupac to give his life to Christ and He Passed

Years back Evande Holyfield was in the dressing room getting ready for a title bout, a young rapper “Tupac” and a record label owner “Surge Knight”came to pay him a visit. Evander in the middle of the conversation, asked the young dude to give his life to Christ. The rapper laughed and replied “Am balling now, ladies, money & cars, maybe when I get older I might give it a thought.”

That night as the 2 were driving home from the fight, some unknown guys fired several shots into the passengers side of the car. The rapper was hit several time. Five days later he died on a hospital bed.

Tupac Shakur had a chance to make it right with God but he blew it. Did he make it to heaven or hell, only God knows.

What you goin’ do with the life you have left.

Chronicles of a Raptivist by D.O.P.E,

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