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Article: Make it Count written by ICPF BANGALORE

1793 AD. A diminutive bald-headed English cobbler traveled to India and during the next 41 years of his life in this country, he made history by translating the Bible into 6 languages and parts of it into 29 other languages. This man was none other than William Carey, the father of modern missions. History is proof to the lives of several simple men and women like Carey who accomplished great tasks for God. They had more responsibilities than we do and minimal comfort than what we enjoy today, yet they toiled day and night with a desire instilled in them to use their time productively for God.

Since God created time, He was around forever before time even existed and cannot be controlled by time the way we humans are. But as people to whom time is given, He wants us to be good stewards of it. How do we know if we are good stewards of time? The answer lies simply in how we use our time, to which many of us admit that we are not making the right use. Where are we missing it?

As in every other aspect of our life, a true desire to live for God entails that we seek Him first. To prioritize His Kingdom and His righteousness first, means to prepare a heart that understands what things truly matter and what does not. These ‘Heart Priorities’ then transfer to help us achieve long-term, annual and daily goals. When such plans are put into practice and our actions are purpose driven, they motivate us to possess path-breaking qualities like perseverance and diligence.

God gives us a number of reminders and prods to help us see the urgency of practicing our priorities and plans. He tells us to count our days—to recognize how short life is and how precious every day is. The best priorities and plans in the world are worthless if they aren’t put into practice. Just as we pray for God to guard our hearts from temptation and we seek His strength for our weaknesses, we need His grace to help us prioritize, plan and live out our times in alignment with His master plan. Ultimately, it is not busier lives that we need, but lives lived well. And what better way of living than having lived fulfilling the purpose for which you and I were created!

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