Article : Psalmos – The lady behind the voice

We had one of Nigeria’s female gospel artiste Psalmos, and she was definitely as vibrant and interesting has she always sounds on stage. Conversing with us in an interview with Perry Martins……..

Welcome to Gospotainment how are you and the family?

We are fine thank God

How long has it been for you in the industry and your background in music?

I have had some years in the gospel music industry in Nigeria since 2004, this new Album will be my third though the second was more of a refurbishment for the first but I still count it (laughs). I am the last child in a family of six, and we are a family of artists though my father and one of my elder brothers are sculptors, music is for me and my eldest sibling who is an amazing drummer, he drummed round the house all through while we were growing up. My mom God rest her soul loved music but could sing, so she was my biggest motivator to pursue this path that is until my husband came along (laughs).

I have to ask why gospel music, with your voice?

It’s simple, God grabbed me from a very dirty place into himself, I never thought I was going to be doing this, I worked for some years in the bank and a travel agency but it’s was always going to be music for me. God kept calling using people around me to talk me into the music world even my Boss at the bank then, she said to me after hearing me singing one day “ you are a virtue for Gods use” it took some time but I finally in 2004 decided to give my life to music and Gospel music.

As a musician what forms your sound and Musial influence?

I always listen to good music, the words are very important, but the tunes and sounds it’s what sells for me. I am not very particular about the artist or genre, which is why you hear different tunes to my songs. For me it’s just about the music. I have a lot of respect for so many artists in the country that I am not going to name names and leave out some because I have worked with a lot of artist especially in this my album and I learnt a whole lot from them. Our purpose for music is to get people closer to God through praise and worship.

I have watched you minister on stage and it is always powerful, how do you do that?

(Laughs) I know its God, because I consider myself a lazy person (laughs again), but I pray before I get on that stage and he just takes over, the energy just pores from every angle and after the ministration I go back to me the me.. me.

Tell us about your Album?

The album is titled EMMANUEL it’s an 18 track album with features with Kenny Kore, Eben, Kelechi, BJ Sax, and a host of others. My favorite is track 14. It is on Itunes, Amazon and the CDs will soon be everywhere though we have sold some at camp grounds and all; the Lord has been really great.


Experiences in the gospel music world, whats working and what can be improved upon?

Truth is its really growing, getting better and better, compared to when I started we have come a long way. Some of the challenges face or sometimes we still face is that some ministers just don’t want to recognize that there is an appropriate compensation for the work put into these ministry, they sometimes especially in the early days say “the Lord bless you and give you a pack of juice (laughs for long), when am called for a show now I just refer them to my husband he is my manager (laughs). I think we are doing well as an industry with our only major support coming from the church; we will get better with time.

Finally Psalmos where is the ministry leading you to?

We thank God for the journey thus far, but we still have places to go to, I would really love to minister at the Xperience and other platforms like that in the country. I am grateful to God and my Husband who has been an immense source of strength and support in this journey, many don’t know this but he writes some of my songs or we write them together and he does the production. I love that Man.

Thank you for coming Psalmos and we pray God continues to bless your ministry.

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Facebook: Psalmosinstrumentofpraise


Phone: 07039703241


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