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Article: Self Made

I sat reviewing my life recently and I realized that though I’m not yet where I want to be, I have moved a great deal from where I used to be.

And to that I have this to say:

In health care I discovered that what really kills the HIV patient is the discrimination because the disease can be fought.

The anti-bodies are weak but the mind will only stay alive when it has a reason to.

Many times,  we hear people tell a tale of survival and we label it to mean that they were self-made.

Dig deep and you will realise that someone, somewhere, along the line believed in them and gave them a chance to express the greatness within them.

The worst punishment in the penitentiary is solitary confinement. This is a severe punishment because it goes against the nature of the communal design of humanity.

Man was built for connection.

Good measure……… Shall ‘men’ give to your bosom, says the holy scriptures. So, it is total ignorance to then think that one can be ‘self-made.’

The issue might have resulted from misinterpretation of information; we hear,

“You are a god; you don’t need anybody else  to get there.”

While this is good motivation which sets your mind on course for a journey of discovery, it is important to understand that earth is an ecological society: a place where existence is largely based on interdependence.

When I first went on TV, it came in on referral; when I got my first speaking engagement, someone had seen my thoughts and. appreciated it enough to call me up.

People matter.

The quality of one’s life is largely dependent on the souls that rub off on them by virtue of association

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