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Article: Strategy Aside | Dr Tylor Tayo- Ilori


In terms of strategy, the result clearly showed that Mr. Trump outperformed Secretary Clinton.

But Mr. Trump’s rhetorics have no place in the Modern world, especially from those who seek to stand before us to lead us.

The words of leaders become our collective mental model and translate to culture. Truth is Mr. Trump could go on to lead with great policies, but once the culture he has licensed with his behavior takes hold, the policies won’t cut through.

The words and mental models of leaders license our behavior and Mr. Trump’s words have licensed the hidden dark side in most people.

Now to see and hear many pastors to begin to come out with analysis of the power of the church and evangelicals instrumental in how God proves his case to humanity in Mr. Trumps case is troubling. It calls to begin to look for the underlying hidden motivation of such individual … (is success, any form of success your motivation without looking at it’s social implications?)

What I am beginning to hear from young people around me is that morality seems another hoax when the church can wrap God into someone who lied more than he said the truth on the campaign, bullied others, peddled conspiracy theories and carried on as if social decency is nothing (NOTE – this does not mean he cannot make a great president – it is the social implications of the behavior that troubles us).

It makes to understand that our leaders have little understanding of social implications once they allow religion to veil them and appearance of success to cloud their mind with sentiments.

We should have just kept quiet, but I have a moral obligation to my children as they are growing up making meaning of the world as to where I stood in a time like this – I want them to know that I said that Mr. Trump’s rhetorics and mental model of the world should not be licensed. It should be condemned wherever we meet with it and “whoever” exhibits it.

Appearance of success should not make us so sentimental that we cannot clearly think through the implications of certain behavior on the long run.

The world is bigger than our thinking and we should force our brain to look at the world beyond magical/fairy tales mode. And decency and civility play a huge role in binding us together to have a great economic stability beyond many things.

In politics, we have our favorites, but the case of Mr. Trump is not about politics and political differences, it is his mental model and rhetorics that scare the world. It is the same mental model we condemn in college bullies that certain authorities are licensing because they think the world is divided between evangelicals and liberals. Take time to read “Mein Kampf” by Adolf Hitler where he outlined his mental model of the world and you will understand why intellectuals across the world with knowledge of history and social and human dynamics are scared of such rhetorics.

Did the evangelicals have to support Hitler before he became the leader of Germany? Once certain emotional keys are tapped, humans respond – don’t bring religion into this to confuse people with sentiments. Just leave it at strategy.

This is not about Mr. Trump, it is about his rhetorics. If we love him and love the world, we should influence him to drop this mental model that scares the world and put out words and actions to correct them. Else we have just opened a new chapter in modern world that will culminate in danger in the nearest future.


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