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Article: The human “God”- Emeka Nobis [@iamemekanobis]

When your child (and I mean a child that is truly yours and that you truly love) does something wrong, do you punish him into danger?

At most, we tap or flog them, with the intention to correct.

The God that has been sold to humanity largely is not the God.

Sadly, we’ve created a jealous, controlling, and vindictive personality and sold to people as God. It’s our human nature that has been cast on this divinity. It’s like saying that since he created us in his image, we are recreating him in our own image, too, and selling that model in our churches.

We have been put here as governors, but you’re not the Almighty God. A drop of water has the same essence as the one in a full bowl, but it’s not effective until it gets into the bowl so that we can use it wash hands or drink it full to our satisfaction.

We are humans and within us are elements of the divine, but we can be effective if we can come into unison with the divine being called God. For you to be effective, you need to come into contact with the divine. The kingdom of God is within you. Many times, we think the kingdom is heaven. Do a reassessment and investigation as to what the kingdom of God is. The Hebrew language is a good place to start.

A taste of the divine is seeing the earth around you. The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening. The stars and moon take over. The trees in the forests are growing on their own, helped by the elements of the sun’s energy and earth. How awesome these things are.

Atheism is a junction on your pathway to spiritual growth. The sad news is that many stop at that point.

Today, I’ll share a few things that can help your spiritual growth. These steps are marks that characterise those who truly want to connect with divinity and live life as God designed.

First, you’re innocent. You know nothing.

Secondly, you’re schooled in the ideas and information that you posses. All you know today, you were schooled, especially by your parents and the authorities whom you’ve submitted. That’s okay.

Thirdly, you fervently defend the things you’ve not proven. How easy is it to defend the Trinity, Purgatory, and the concept of Immaculate Conception?

Fourthly, you begin to question the things you were schooled in. This is where you doubt everything and you believe there is nothing. At this point is where atheism has its power. The danger is that if you stay too long here, you terminate the process.

At this stage, you see yourself freed from rituals of the religious.

When you pass this stage, you’ve entered the realm of the spiritual. It’s at that point that things begin to make meaning to you. At that point, you begin to know that you don’t need to do anything to win God’s love or approval.

At this point, it’s such a sweet experience in your spiritual walk. I desire that for you.


Emeka Nobis


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