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Attitude of Gratitude – ICPF Bangalore[@icpfinbangalore]


It began with a simple thought on this month of Thanksgiving! We’ve customized our lifestyles, our work, our studies, our relationships and everything we possibly can that I laughed as I thought, Thanksgiving must have undergone customization too!

When was the last time you kept your phone aside, sat on your bed, and reflected on your life? I did it today. I thought… my birth is a miracle. That today I’m alive is a miracle. I’ve had those times when I thought it was the end but I survived. I’ve not reached the person I wished myself to be. I’ve failed miserably at times. Yet it’s a miracle that I’m still here. Did I choose it for myself or deserve it? No. That’s when I thought of all the things, I am thankful for life. For having known my every fall and frailties, yet choosing to let me be born and live, how can I not be thankful to God?

About Francis Arihilam

Francis Arihilam lives everyday to see potential maximize. He teaches people how to lead productive lives. His focus is to help people maximize their innate potential and help individuals make right relationship decisions. He does this via speaking and writing.

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