Audio & Lyrics: Marvel Joks – No One Like My God

Marvel Joks

Nigerian gospel music singer Marvel Joks has released a new single which he titled “No One Like My God”. In this song, Marvel Joks affirms that there is no one like God. He also emphasizes that regardless of the situation, God is greater than all.

“No One like My God” is a song sang in Igbo and English language. it’s lyrics are simple and talk about how powerful God is.

Marvel Joks is a contagious worshiper, praise singer, songwriter and a lover of God who in every of his song contains strong lyrics which carries great meaning that doesn’t only touch the life of the listeners positively but also brings a positive change to lives and brings them to a total surrender in the presence of God.

Connect With Marvel Joks :

Facebook: Marvel Jokss
Twitter: @marvel_joks
Instagram: Marvel joks
Phone Number: 07038590699

Lyrics For “No One Like My God” By Marvel Joks

There is no one like my God ,
Oke nmiri n’ebu ogwe
There is no one like my God
Ono nso erug’aka
There is no one like my God
Edum ebo Judea
Agu n ‘eche mba one
Oo no one like you. 2x

Obata obie
When you appear, every problem end
Odum ebo Judea eee
You’re the lion of the tribe of Judea
Agu n’eche mba
The lion that protects the city
Chi nkem ji’ em’onu
You’re the one I make my boast in
Oke nmiri n’ebu ogwe
You’re the big water that destroys the bridge
Oji igwe em’ atu
The God that uses iron as chewing stick ololo
The heavens declares the glory of the Lord
And the firmament
Showeth the works of God

(Back to chorus)

Call>Say Amen
Response > Amen… 3x
Oo hallelujah Amen

Call> Can I prophesy
Response > Amen
Call>You will build your house
Response >Amen
Call>you go buy your moto
Response >Amen
Oo hallelujah Amen

Call> Can I pro-phesy
Call>You will get  alert
Response> Amen
Call> You go marry your wife
Oo hallelujah – Amen

Call>Oo say Amen
Response >Amen
Call>It’s well with your soul
Response >Amen
Call>You will never never die
Response >Amen
All>Oo hallelujah -Amen

(Back to the chorus)

Ajimjim Ajimjim
Oo Hallelujah

(Back to Chorus)

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