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Audio+ Video: Hulvey – Heaven Up Above

Christian Hip Hop artist and Rapper Hulvey continues his fall flow with the release of “HEAVEN UP ABOVE”. The song is the second track from his recently announced “Keep Breathing” campaign launched to encourage music listeners to hold onto hope despite the turmoil brought on by Pandemic . The song features production from Grammy Award Winning Producer Lasanna “Ace” Harris and the song lyrics on “Heaven Up Above” capture Hulvey’s desire to invite listeners into an audio worship experience.

This song is a sweet relief,” Hulvey said. “I am asking for the presence of God for myself and for anyone feeling pain right now.”

Sonically the song shows Hulvey continuing to explore his talent for melodic vocal arrangements over a classic soul sample and break beat layered with keys and strings. Fans of hip-hop’s golden era sound will appreciate the mature sound while newer listeners will enjoy the catchy hook.

As 2020 winds down, Hulvey has his sights set on inspiring his rapidly growing fan base to set their eyes on things above to find the strength to make through the adversity of day-to-day living.

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