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Misogyny is the dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.  Needless to say that a woman loved, is a generation loved. As much as this is compared with anti-woman sexism or misandry, perhaps, it’s important to state clearly that women can hold misogynistic views.

These days, music, movies, comedy skits, online video gaming, cartoons and innocent conversations, build negative muscles for the purpose of new culture formation. Without a doubt, the listed can serve as a catalyst for social change and the right excuse for making destructive teachings cool.

African contemporary music is majorly complicit in some of this misogynistic ideas as young boys grow up listening to music which doesn’t entirely accord women the deserved respect. A greater percentage of the lyrical content of African and especially Nigerian contemporary music, is focused on the sexual objectification of women.

Another aspect of popular culture which is a culprit in embedding the misogynistic culture in growing young men, is the recent trend of comedy skits.

A study of many of these skits especially by specific skit makers, tend to focus more on objectification of women and highlighting mostly the sexual characteristics of women, and this is a form of exploitation without even actually knowing it. It is especially dangerous in an age where young people are driven by pop culture.

Pop culture is a vibe, an amazing vibe at that – this amazement shouldn’t re-enforce how boys and men socialize to view women, and girls as objects, properties having a monetary tag and attention circle (as consideration of value may be based on access to usage).

We need not say that perception is a bedrock for Gender Based Violence, Assault, a tiring hurdle to achieving Gender Equality as we prevent trans-generational derided manhood. The definition of wealth in Music videos  must of relevant importance, be re-evaluated. Manners maketh Men, and money is the exchange of good value regardless of society’s cultural shift. This is an advocacy for the best utilization of influence and creative pensiveness.

Raise your hand in solidarity of our collective need to turn a new leaf. Here are a few ways to help raise better men and re-evaluate the contents on our value boards.
First would be – do you know what your little men listen to?
Here’s the task (in bold) :

* Begin a conversation with him or them.
* Ensure you’re open as it would enhance smooth communication and bond between you and your little man or men.
* Ask for their playlists, jokingly investigate a bit more if they like any trending music and what artist they rather to the other.

Second would be – share your creative collection. By this, i meant your music playlists, all time favourite movies (please censor), comedy skits and books, including artworks; just so you remember that a boy today would become a man tomorrow.
Third, this has got everything to do with you. Your turn (smiles). What are you listening to and watching?

Little drops of water makes an Ocean. In our clime, little drops of water, makes a mess of the gutters and our streets; conceptualizing that to trans-generational parenting, influence and Leadership – simply say, the rub off impact of our actions.
If observation and influence still remain vital traits of leadership, it is time to take action towards re adjusting the narratives because your little girl, little man, teenager and youth may subconsciously find you as their influence point  (in local parlance : Plug).


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