Believe In The Power Of Your Idea


All his life he had always imagined himself dressed in suit, with a brief case, walking majestically into an elegant office somewhere on the Island.

This imagination grew from being a mere fantasy, into a dream, which later became a major goal for him.

Back in school, Lawrence was a very brilliant guy who never took his studies for granted.

He was willing to sacrifice all the school ‘efizzy’ (pleasure) to make his family proud, especially his mum, who had been through thick and thin to ensure her son gets education at all cost.

He was so into his goal that whenever his friends came up with the idea of entrepreneurship, he excused them because to him, they are only trying to distract him from his goals.

The future seemed promising for him as he soon graduated with a first class. The family built all their hopes around him, everyone making lists of what they wanted; with the hope that their son will get a well- paying job soonest.

But for two years, he roamed the streets of Lagos in search of white collar job, hoping that one day heaven will shine the light of luck on him.

Lawrence’ mother soon became restless and began mounting pressure on him. As according to her, she supposed to have started eating the fruit of her labour.

And so Lawrence decided to intensify effort in his job search; hence his leaving the house early and coming in very late.

It was on one of the days he left home early to catch up with an interview that he met the greatest surprise of his life. On getting to the venue for the interview, he met a lot of people who also came for the job interview.

When it got to him to be interviewed, he confidently walked in, but was surprised at what he saw. The interviewer happened to be his roommate Israel, the one he always avoided for always having one crazy business idea or the other.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. He stood there, dazed.

You see, every good thing that you and I are clamoring to have today, the cars, designers wears etc, white collar job inclusive, all started as an idea in somebody’s head.

Lawrence didn’t know that those ideas from his friends that seemed unreasonable to him in school will someday translate into something big.

Ideas they say rule the world, but an idea not worked upon is as good as nothing. In the end, only those who are able to work their ideas into reality are rewarded.

Imagine if Israel had given up on his ideas, perhaps he too would be perambulating the streets of Lagos like his friend Lawrence.

While Lawrence was only focused on schooling for the main reason of getting a job, Isreal on the other hand prepared himself for the unknown. He was focused on his studies, but that didn’t stop him from learning other relevant skills. Sometimes during holidays he even offered to work for free just acquire more knowledge.

One idea can change a man’s life for good and place him on a pedestal he never thought he could ever have attained.

No idea is too insignificant. Own your ideas no matter how big, small, unrealistic or unreasonable it may seem; never look down on it, for the power of your idea is not in its size, but in your commitment to it.











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Written by Ugoma Johnson