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Beware!!! Bisexuality Introduced In Animated Series For Children

The animated series called “The loud house” cartoon that was aired on Teen  Channel Nickelodeon showing a gay couple  got a lot of comments and a frown from parents/guardians and parents to be,calling it an immoral thing to air on the television for kids to watch.

It is for a fact that Kids are exposed to things because of what they see or watch on the television and there is every tendency that they will want to act out or do the things they see on the television.

“The Legend Of Korra” is another cartoon that was produced in 2014 which also promoted bisexuality.It is an animated series that features a married same – sex couple.

Parents and Guardians believe that promoting bisexuality through animated series for children to watch is not a way to teach children positivism. Children these days are super sensitive and intelligent, they want to try out things they think is right and appeals to them as aired on television.

Please beware of what your children are exposed to, and the kind of cartoon they watch on the television.

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