Broken, but not Forsaken!

Are you among them who have felt broken and lost at a crucial juncture of life, without support? Have your parents fought so often that you craved to see them love each other? Can the brokenness and extreme sorrow of separation be mended and healed?

Anand and Diya have it all- great jobs, two children and a dream house. But appearances can be deceiving. Anand comes home, only to fulfill an obligation to be there. Day and night passes by in terrible arguments boiling up to form dislike and hatred between the couple! Their two children increasingly disturbed by the storm, longing for peace, start seeking happiness in addictions, which rather entangles and devours them even more. Their world is crumbing down!

But, their lives begin to take an unexpected turn as Diya is challenged by her friend to establish a battle plan of prayer to bring together her family that’s now shattering down as broken glass pieces. She encouraged Diya not to give up on her marriage and that God is capable to restore back all that she had lost in the relationship. She stopped fighting with her husband and started it on her knees. And behold, she gradually felt God filling her with endless peace and unconditional love for her family. There was a change in Anand. The children who were once so hopeless and lost, now started seeing the faith and hope in their mother, which helped them come out of their addictions. Today, the family is an inspiration to many as they continue to live by helping other broken families to mend up.

Many a times we live life in shackles of despair and misunderstanding, without being able to see that only peace and love could replace true freedom in our broken relationships. If only, we could look at Jesus as our example and follow Him, who came into this world with only one intention which was to mend the broken relationship that we had with a very loving Father.

“Leave the broken, irreversible past in God’s hands, and step out into the invincible future with Him.”- Oswald Chambers

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Written by olamine

Omotosho Olamide Temitope also Olamine is a book junkie, lover of God, always smiling personality with a good heart. I never stop learning because i believe the world keeps evolving with new things yet to be learned. Subject yourself to learning so you can be a better you.