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The Success Story Of The Experience 2016


To say it was an amazingly electrifying night would not do it adequate justice. It was phenomenal! The awe that captivated the audience from the moment they flocked into TBS ground at 6pm to when Tope Alabi released them at 5am was tangibly felt. It was an evening that was better experienced than talked about. So was the success that …

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Performing Under Pressure – Femi Adediran


Are you under pressure? Written By: Femi Adediran  But the much I know is that we all are dealing with one pressure or the other…either Visible or invisible…it could be territorial, marital or financial .Everybody is facing some kind of heat. According to Physics, Pressure is defined as force acting on a surface per unit area. More often than not …

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Dear female partner – Arihilam Francis


I have lost sleep thinking of you and so I have decided to write to you. Please I want you to know that when “be fruitful and multiply” was declared in etymology, it had nothing to do with child bearing. It was an instruction to spread and affect lives positively. Know this: he doesn’t need to be married to have …

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Revelation & Progress – How We Are Misleading Ourselves – How Societies Are Made Great – Dr Tylor Tayo- Ilori


“…Progress is not automatic, in the sense that if we were all to be cast into a deep slumber for the space of a generation, we should awake to find ourselves in a greatly improved social state. The world only grows better, even in the moderate degree in which it does grow better, because people wish that it should, and …

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Don’t joke with Rape – Viola Okolie


Sometime last year, I went to pick up my daughter from school and the child that walked out from the school gates, flung her bag into the car and threw herself after it with so much venom, was not the Small Madam that I knew. I know that growing up, we didn’t have moods or maybe we did have moods …

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Article: Strategy Aside | Dr Tylor Tayo- Ilori


In terms of strategy, the result clearly showed that Mr. Trump outperformed Secretary Clinton. But Mr. Trump’s rhetorics have no place in the Modern world, especially from those who seek to stand before us to lead us. The words of leaders become our collective mental model and translate to culture. Truth is Mr. Trump could go on to lead with …

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Attitude of Gratitude – ICPF Bangalore[@icpfinbangalore]


It began with a simple thought on this month of Thanksgiving! We’ve customized our lifestyles, our work, our studies, our relationships and everything we possibly can that I laughed as I thought, Thanksgiving must have undergone customization too! When was the last time you kept your phone aside, sat on your bed, and reflected on your life? I did it …

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Article: To those reaching out for the new (Part 1) – Pastor Poju Oyemade


Nothing wrong with a new generation of ministers wanting to take the Church in a new direction. The Church in Nigeria is ripe for a new wave of the Spirit. However it won’t be realized by attacking the old but by defining and substantiating the new with prophetic scriptures. You will fail if your voice is divisive. It must be …

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Article: Penis vagina, breasts and buttocks are their names


You see ehn… we have become the cause of our own issues. One of the major things that almost ruined my life was my inability to properly call these “body parts” by name. It subconsciously built in me the inability to get sex education as my subconscious mind registered it that ‘these part should be talked about.’ The major reason …

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Article: To those reaching out for the new (Part 2)- Pastor Poju Oyemade


As I have said in the previous post, every generation of christians needs a wave of the Spirit. Every new generation must experience a strong move of the HolySpirit for its through that wave, ministries are not only born but gain the reach required to make a strong impact and enter into the harvest of the multitudes. However let us …

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