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The Food we eat matters to God


Have some garlic scapes, onions, peas and all. Families should love eating greens (fresh, organic, and about as local as they come) because they should see it as a deep theological act. What your family eats should matter to you because, like all aspects of this earthly life, food matters to God. Food is a gift. In fact, food is the first …

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Why Avocado should be part of the Meal

ganze und halbe reife avocado isoliert auf weissem hintergrund

For today I just want to let you know that an apple a day doesn’t just keep a doctor away, something else can do a lot more tricks like that which is Avocado Pear. This succulent fruit has a lot of fat which is called Healthy fat, in other words it fights the unhealthy fat resident in the body, that …

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Health Tips: Benefits of Watermelon


Most of us tend to see this succulent fruit and neglect it because of one reason or the other for instance, we feel It contains a lot of sugar It has too many seeds which could be tiring, I agree. It is watery so what’s the point I can take water but we fail to see the extra advantages of this edible …

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You want to Loss Weight ? Try This

cucumber and lemon juice

Just a glass of this drink before going to bed helps you reduce body fat especially belly fat. This drink is easy to prepare and has proved efficient in bringing great results in short period as long as it is consumed regularly. Belly fat can be sometimes be too stubborn to deal with, so instead of feeling hopeless, here is …

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