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Travis Greene Has Finally Released Video For “Made A Way”


The Intentional singer Travis Greene has finally released the official video for “ Made a Way”, the latest single from his wildly successful sophomore album, THE HILL which debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top Gospel Albums chart. The album also spawned the smash hit, “Intentional,” which topped the charts for 16 straight weeks after its release. On top of the GRAMMY, Billboard  and 2016 BET’s Gospel …

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“Only Christianity can bring lasting humanitarian change” – World Vision President

The president of the biggest children’s charity in the world has exclusively told Premier we will never see permanent solutions to humanitarian crises until the Christian faith plays a greater role in fixing them. World Vision International CEO Kevin Jenkins made the comments to Premier’s Aaron James at a question and answer event at St Luke’s church in Kittenish Town, …

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Timi Dakolo Is A Year Older! Happy Birthday!!! (@timidakolo)

Timi Dakolo

2007 West African Idol Winner Timi Dakolo is a year older today, he is called The Voice, won the inaugural Idols West Africa singing competition, been dubbed Nigeria’s King of soul but Timi Dakolo, singer, songwriter and soulful performer refers to himself simply as a God made man, a regular dude who just likes to voice his thoughts in song. …

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Christian leaders to pray at Trump’s inauguration

Christian leaders from a number of denominations – and one Rabbi – are scheduled to pray at the inauguration ceremony of Donald Trump later today. The ceremony will take place in front of thousands of people – and broadcast to millions across the world – at 11.30am (4.30pm GMT) outside the Capital Building in Washington DC. Six clergy members will …

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Gospel Stars Jonathan McReynolds, Travis Green: Why I’m Performing (or Not) at Trump Inauguration

Jonathan McReynolds

When millennial gospel music stars Jonathan McReynolds and Travis Greene were invited to take part in president-elect Donald Trump’s inaugural events this week, the two reacted very differently. While Greene accepted to invitation, McReynolds did not and both are citing spiritual reasons for doing so. On his personal blog LifeRoom Talk, McReynolds explained his decision for declining the invitation to …

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Video: Donnie McClurkin Reveals Why He Has Not Been Married

Donnie McClurkin

In a recent interview with CBN News, Donnie McClurkin revealed that fear has kept him from getting married.  “I’ll tell you I’m frightened”, the pastor of Perfecting Church told CBN. McClurkin says the one thing missing in his life is a wife. “That void has become a chasm,” said McClurkin. He continued, “God literally caused me to accomplish everything he …

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Wonderful! New species of moth named in honor of Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Days before Donald  Trump steps forward on the Inaugural platform in Washington to assume the role of the 45th President of the United States of America, evolutionary biologist and systematist Dr. Vazrick Nazari named a new species in his honour. The author, whose publication can be found in the open access journal ZooKeys, hopes that the fame around the new …

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TobyMac Premieres New Video for “Love Broke Thru”

The Christian hip hop recording artist, music producer, hip-hop and pop artist, songwriter and author TobyMac’s “Love Broke Thru” which was premiered exclusively on  Billboard  yesterday , explores the power of love and compassion in the face of adversity. Featuring a young man grappling with his anger amidst his grandfather’s calls for peace, the video tackles the subject of protests that have been happening …

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A Muslim Man Who Stoned Pastor Embraces Christianity – And is Martyred for His Faith

Muslim Man

A Muslim man and leader who once violently persecuted Christians embraced Christ after hearing the Gospel at his daughter’s wedding – and was martyred for his faith. Christian Aid Mission shares the story of Datu, a devout Muslim man in the Philippines who harbored an overwhelming sense of hatred against Christians. In fact, after discovering his daughter was courting Efren, …

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An aid group supporting local ministries overseas says the Holy Spirit is “stirring” in war-torn Syria and drawing “thousands” of Muslims to Christian missionaries who are working in the region. Steve Van Valkenburg with Christian Aid Mission, which supports ministries in Syria, said there is a lot of fear in anxiety in Aleppo, which government forces recently retook from rebel …

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