Chris Adeoye – 19 Prophetic Declarations for 2019


Uk Based Pastor CHRIS ADEOYE who Precides over RCCG Living faith Connections Releases a fresh new wave of Prophectic declaration for the year 2019 as divinely led by God to bless the Body of Christ and he is finally set with the release of the divinelt led Declaration

According to Pastor Chris Adeoye – in his words says

“2019 is one year that I trust in the Lord will be a ‘reference year’, a year we will not forget easily.

It is with joy I extend the blessings from the amazing story in 1 Samuel 9 & 1 Samuel 10 unto you. From these two chapters of scripture, I have picked out 19 Prophetic declarations. I believe God Almighty that as you listen to these declarations, as you believe them; and as you also continue to declare them, I trust in the Lord that great and mighty things shall the Lord do for you in this year 2019.

It is a very compelling story…the story of Saul, the son of Kish. His Father’s ass’ were lost & his father asked him along with a servant to go & look for the ass’ which were lost. They went looking for the ass’ as they have been charged, but could not find them.

Invariably, they were told to reach out to prophet Samuel paraventure he (Samuel) would tell them where the lost ass’ were.

Prophetic Declarations

Unknown to Saul, before meeting with Samuel; God had spoken to Samuel about him. God had told him that a man was going to come looking for him & when he comes he would be the one he will anoint to become king over Israel.

An amazing story; from that point, the life of Saul was completely transformed; he was anointed to be king over Israel. Thus from that story, here are 19 Prophetic Blessings; I believe God will manifest His Glory in our lives this year in Jesus’ mighty name.

God bless you, have an amazing year; have a testimony filled year to the glory of our God. ”

This Declaration will surely release a fresh breathe of faith into you as you Download and Listen over and over again.

Pastor Christian Adeoye

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