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Nigerian pastor and televangelist of international renown, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome recently shared some thoughts about protests and Christianity.

In recent times, Nigeria has witnessed an upsurge of social and political vices including insurgency, kidnapping, extrajudicial killings and corruption all across different institutional bodies.

These vices are evident of a deep rot in a system that has been poorly managed by those entrusted with managing it. This year has been the height of it all and the people have begun to speak up in a series of protests.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome addressed the issue in a sermon which is currently being shared across virtual platforms. In his message, he talked about citizens having a right to protest, and how that right extends to us as Christians.

The pastor said in his address:

The idea that Christians cannot protest, is stupid. If we think that for some reason as Christians, we are marginalized, in a society where we are taxpayers just like everybody else, and have rights like everybody else…..

We have a right to protest, we have a right to demand for our rights and to defend those rights. Whether in the schools, or in the larger society.

For a long time, we’ve been given the idea that we should just sit down and think about Heaven…

He further encouraged that Christians must understand and exercise the right to protest and make their voices heard when laws are being made to victimize Christians.

Watch The Video Here:

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