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Another Christian has been ambushed and killed in Northern Nigeria, as the region continues to face constant insurgency from insurgent herdsmen.

Sati Bulus, a member of the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) in Malul village in Bokkos County, Plateau state, was ambushed and shot to death by Fulani herdsmen at about 8:30 pm as he made his way home from Bokkos town.

The Rev. Samuel Matawal, a COCIN pastor in Bokkos town, confirmed the killing in Daffo District in a short text message to Morning Star News.

Pastor Matawal said:

“A member of our local congregation at Malul village was ambushed and shot dead by some Fulani herdsmen on Thursday, Sept. 17,”

The assailants reportedly killed the policeman riding with Bulus. Nigerian news outlet MK-Reporters added that Fulani herdsmen leaders had met on Sept. 14 in Fass, Barkin Ladi County, to plan resumption of hostilities in Daffo District and three other areas in Plateau state before December.

Donations of 1.3 million naira (US$3,378) for the purchase of weapons were raised at the meeting, the outlet reported.

Herdsmen had attacked predominantly Christian Malul village in February, leaving one Christian killed and injuring another. Local resident Christopher Luka said:

“At about 9:30 a.m. on Feb. 14, a group of seven armed Fulani herdsmen attacked two Christians from our village, Malul village, who were on their farm, and one of them, Danjuma Machen, was killed,” “The second Christian victim, Dauda Maren, was cut with machetes.”

The night of January 26, 2020, herdsmen killed 30 Christians in Kwatas, another predominantly Christian community in Bokkos County, he said.

“Houses and church worship buildings were destroyed in the attacks by the herdsmen in the area,”

Attacks on Christian communities in the area began in 2018, Christian residents said. Pastor Matawal said:

“These herdsmen attacks have led to the destruction of more than 21 Christian villages within Bokkos Local Government Area of Plateau state,” .

“This is apart from the killings of hundreds of Christians and the displacement of about 5,000 Christians from their villages.”

Another area resident, John Makut, said Fulani herdsmen attacked Ruku village on June 8, 2018, killing 40 Christians and displacing 1,463 others, mostly women and children. Another attack on March 8, 2018, killed 30 Christians, he said.

Makut told Morning Star News:

“In this community too, more than 400 Christians were displaced, and they’ve never been able to return to their community as it has been occupied by herdsmen,”

Area Christians said the killing of Bulus was a continuation of attacks on Christians.

The insurgencies and incidents of Christians killed in Northern Nigeria are on an alarming increase and it is our hope that with prayers and government intervention, it can be addressed and put to an end.

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