Christian celebrities admit suffering from depression and share how they fight it

With their celebrity status, famous Christians have to look and feel their best whenever they are facing the camera and appearing before the public. What if they are fighting a battle deep inside them?

Women of Faith speaker and former 700 Club host Sheila Walsh, for instance, was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and severe clinical depression. Due to this, she was admitted to a psyche ward for a month, Jessilyn Justice of Charisma News wrote.

This experience, however, did not break Walsh. Instead of being broken, she used this an opportunity to be whole again as a Christian.

“Sometimes God will take you to a prison to set you free,” Walsh said about her experience.

The former television host admitted being scared to admit her flaws, but said she found strength in the Holy Spirit.

Another famous Christian, former Maxim and Victoria’s Secret model Nicol Weider also had to confront depression. She said her battle was made easier when she decided to rely on God and on her faith.

“I always needed God, and (my depression) ultimately created in me the desire to get to know God. I had to see doctors, have medicine, it was the real thing. There’s nothing sinful about getting something. Know you’re going to come out of it, stronger, more fierce than ever before,” Weider shared.

She’s now sharing her story to connect with young women who are also facing the same emotional and physical battles brought by depression that she used to face.

The late Christian preacher Charles Spurgeon also battled signs of depression throughout his life, but held on through God’s saving grace.

“Despondency is not a virtue; I believe it is a vice. I am heartily ashamed of myself for falling into it, but I am sure there is no remedy for it like a holy faith in God,” Spurgeon said.


Source: Christian Today

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Written by Tomi Blessed