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It was an ecstatic moment. Heaven had never seen such joy before. Something had happened in the City of David.
 “David! Where is David?”
The question spread from lip to lip as heaven’s humans looked for King David. His mansion was empty and unusually quiet. His favourite ten string instrument lay on the ground as if it was thrown down in a hurry…
Where is David? They searched through the scent-filled garden of flowers, but he was not there. They looked for him at the banks of the Glassy Sea, but he was not there. Where is David on a day like this?
They found him prostrate, soaked in tears, his crown cast down, utterly speechless before the Throne.
“Why?… Why?… Why…?” He was sobbing uncontrollably like a little child.
He looked up and saw the crowd of saints looking for him. He scanned each face through tear-soaked eyes.  He saw Enoch – the man who walked with God perfectly so much so he didn’t even see death. He saw Job who had made a vow with his eyes not to look lustfully at any woman and kept it to the end and there was Father Abraham – the friend of God. They were more worthy, they deserved it more.
“Why what?” Prophet Samuel asked.
“Why did you call him, the Son of David? Why? I don’t deserve it”
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