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Connect To Success


“And he entered into one of the ships, which was Simon’s, and prayed him that he would thrust out a little from the land. And he sat down, and taught the people out of the ship.”
(Luke 5: 3)

That is the Focal Scripture of Streams of Joy Devotional today.

It is instructive to note that whereas Peter failed to catch fish all night, he remained in the Lake of Gennesaret where Jesus used his ship to preach to the multitude. Peter failed, Jesus was about to succeed, and Peter offered his ship to help Jesus succeed. Peter’s failure did not cause him to walk away from the environment of success; Peter failed, but connected to someone who was in the business of succeeding.

Friend, even if you think you are a failure, connect to the success of others. Connect with those whose ideas are higher than yours; connect to those whose results make a mess of your own results; connect to those whose successes will trigger and inspire your own success; connect with men who can give you hope again; let your failure not rob you of a chance to be in the atmosphere of success.

If Peter had walked away because he failed, just maybe he wouldn’t have got a second chance to catch a large haul of fish. If you allow your failures to push you out of the radar of success, just maybe, you will forever be confined in failure until you wake up and walk away from it. If your failure causes you to go into hiding, how will success locate you?

It doesn’t matter how much you have failed: stay on the grind, connect to those who have succeeded, celebrate the successes of those who succeeded while you failed, let the advancement of others propel you forward, and in a matter of time, your success will be revealed to the amazement of your generation.

Pray With Me: Lord, I refuse to walk away from the environment of success, in Jesus’ name!

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This Week, Success Will Locate You.

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