The very essence of music is to communicate. over the years we have seen the immense impact of music on society and how it has contributed in molding our minds. it’s really no surprise that every country as well as organization where emphatic allegiance is required, has got an anthem.
Songs, riffs, syncopation and every musical razz-Matt tends to noise if they do not send an understandable message to the target audience.

Here I seek to stress that beyond sending a message, you must connect to your audience with that message in the very language they can understand.
We know that people remember best what they see over what they hear. this simply means that you must ensure that your music is not only heard but seen.
Music ( particularly gospel music) is highly communicative. in a circular setup, the beats and effizy in the song can make up for clear understanding of the message. This, however, is far from the case in current gospel music where not just the words, but the depth of the meanings of those words matter.
I suffice to say that from my experience in recording (about 10 years), I’ve come to realize the best way to record your music to have maximum impact. This applies especially to deep worship and exasperating praise/ dancing songs.
you may find it difficult to understand if you do not minister on a stage.
The feeling is different but real. the performance may be filled with musician’s idiosyncrasies but very impactful.
yes, there are many challenges, but that is the reason this is a series.
So just follow through and ask your questions. also make your comments through the channels available….
keep making great and impactful music …

NB: This publications seeks to unravel the secret benefits of recording your music live..

Written By : St Harmony

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