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GRAMMY-nominated Bethel music singer/songwriter Cory Asbury premieres the stunning music video for “Unraveling,” which can be viewed below.

The track was featured on both albums released by Asbury in 2020, To Love A Fool and To Love A Fool – A Rooftop Experience. The albums camp around a constant theme in Asbury’s life, the love of God and His unwavering devotion to His children.

Watch The Video For “UNRAVELING” Here :

Asbury explains:

“The title of the album comes from the lyric in ‘Nothing More Than You’ which says, ‘The highest King of Heaven CHOSE to love a fool,’” . “It’s a beautiful paradox.

Through the first album and now this one, I realized that I just can’t seem to get over the love of God. I’m stuck on it.” “He’s not a small-minded bookkeeper peering over the balcony of heaven waiting for us to mess up,”.

“No, His love keeps no record of wrongs. For God so loved the world, He came close. He casts our sin as far as the east is from the west. Because He loves us, we learn to love ourselves.

That’s an astounding thought. We’ve got to learn to love ourselves, fools though we are.”

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