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Dance: Nikki Laoye and Kaffy Face Off At The Dance Camp

The talented Nikki Laoye doesnt just have a sonorous voice but also can get her grooves on. Knowing Nikki Laoye to  be a great dancer and she loves to dance so much that a cartoon character created by her husband Alex danced till she threw away her mic. This is sure no big surprise when acclaimed dancer Kaffy asked her to be one of the instructors for her dance camp simple tagged “The Dance Camp”. Nikki Laoye was present for the Thursday edition of the week-long camp.

Having delivered her lesson, Nikki Laoye and Kaffy took to the stage and had an awesome time showing off some dance moves and had a “1-2-3″ dance face off..

Get your dancing shoes and join Nikki and Kaffy in this 1-2-3 step



Twitter: @NikkiLaoye


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