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The Dangers Of Assumptions In Relationship


If you always find yourself believing everything without asking questions or proof, then you might be living your life based on assumptions. Assumption is an assassin of relationship.

According to Henry Winkler, “Assumption is the termites of relationship”.

Though sometimes you can assume something and it turns out to be true, but bringing in assumptions into your relationship can obstruct growth, hence should be completely avoided.

It is assumptions that make you draw conclusion about the feelings and actions of your partner without seeking to know the reason for their actions.

Below are some of the ways that assumption can wreck your relationship.

It brings in insecurity: have you ever desired to attend an occasion with your partner only for him or her to give you all the reasons in the world why both of you should not attend the event together? If you’re not careful you might become insecure and begin to imagine that he or she already made plans to be with someone else, not knowing that they only want to be alone at the party.

The more your assumptions becloud your sense of reasoning, the more insecure you become and the more insecure you become, the more your relationship is put at risk.

It reduces trust: when you live by assumptions in your relationship, the possibility of you not trusting your partner is very high. It makes you imagine he or she is cheating and taking you for granted when the person is actually not.

And no relationship can stand the test of time in an environment where mutual trust is lacking, because when there is no trust, communication dwindles and every relationship needs effective communication to thrive.

Assumptions can be quite harmful to the health of your relationship and your wellbeing in general as it can put you under unnecessary pressure. Though most times, it is hard not to assume especially when the person you’re dealing with is not being open about his or her feelings and actions.

But you must try as much as you can to constantly base your verdict on facts by asking questions or investigating into matters especially when it has to do with your relationship and this requires you learning to continually put your emotions in check.






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