Dante Bowe Signs Deal With Bethel Music

The origins of Bowe’s partnership with the Bethel Music family run deeply with past collaborations such as “Glorious Day” and touring with the band including the latest Microsoft Theater Heaven Come Conference at Los Angeles. He lists names such as Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Brian & Jenn Johnson and more from the Bethel Music society as voices of inspiration in who he is as an individual as well as a leader of worship.

“I want to see cultures, generations and denominations unite through a worship movement,” shares Bowe. “This next season is more than bridging gaps it’s about completely merging them, removing all boundaries and boxes. I believe it’s going to come from raising the level of authenticity in our worship. This generation is full of worship leaders who have a real conviction behind the words they’re singing. And as a result, their audience believes it.” 

GRAMMY nominee Travis Greene lately joined Bowe for the winning single, “The Giant Is Dead.” Singer, the songwriter, born in North Carolina, is presently based outside Atlanta.

He earlier collaborated with, among others, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Vashawn Mitchell, Housefires and published an autonomous project in 2017. Bowe’s touring has expanded the U.S. including treks throughout Europe and South America in the Philippines, Germany, Israel, and Germany.

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Written by Friday Ime