Day 7 : Give Your Music The Ultimate Realism

I bring you article 7 before 6. The sum total goal of ‎ the articles 1 to 5 is to expose the artistes to the world of live recording which is the best direction for maximum realism in your music ( if that is what it needs). I always encourage rock singers, gospel musicians, and all who record interactive music to look into the possibilities of recording them on stage with their audience. There is no better feeling for those listening to your CDs or viewing your DVD than for them to feel the strong sense of participation ( just as if they where there). This only happens when your recording is live.
By the way,live recording musnt be on stage, however, your recording should convey a strong sense of realism.
That realism forms the pedestal for IMPACT.
Think about it deeply.
Written By : St Harmony

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