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The Alabanza 4 concert was an awesome experience. I have not had time to give the show a proper scrutiny so maybe I will just delve into that a little, here and now.

While preparing for the show and joining in the pre show publicity, I was told that the ALABANZA concert is second only to The Experience so I was eager and quite frankly wanted to see how the level of organization will beat that of Tim Godfrey’s Fearless concert I recently was at. You see, Alabanza 4 was a journalists delight to cover as we were not made to go through hoops or unnecessary scrutiny neither were we restricted in anyway. Oh, and did I mention I got souvenirs? Ok, now I am telling you and that don’t happen a lot.

The organization might not have been as on point as the Fearless concert in the technical areas such as light, sound, ambiance, organization, red carpet, publicity and concept but the content of the show was way better. From the first act to the last, it was awesome, point to point. We worshiped in different languages like never before and danced in praises to God too. I mean I left the show feeling blessed and lifted. Bukola Bekes was on Point, Eben, Tim Godfrey, Enkay, Solomon Lange, Freke Umoh, all the ministers that came from within and outside Nigeria, Chiika100%, Chioma Jesus (who by the way was the perfect person to close the show) and everybody who mounted that stage did well. Well, maybe apart from Lara George. This is what I mean;

“Dansaki re” and “Hallelujah” are two of her numerous hit songs but seriously since when? Weren’t those tracks released in the year 2014? And did she not release two singles last year? I am a die heard fan of Lara George and it pains me to say this but you see, when you love someone the onus falls on you to tell them how you really feel sometimes. Me, I w

Lara George on stage at Alabanza 4 (sounds of Africa) concert
Lara George on stage at Alabanza 4 (sounds of Africa) concert

ant to see her push out more new hit singles and then an album before this year runs out at least. We want to see Lara headlining shows again and touring to promote her works and blessing lives in the process. That’s the Lara George we know and love. Something tells me she might have an ace up her sleeves and if so, the timing is apt for a reveal. I mean, the Tim Godfreys, the Sammie Okposos, Ebens and other contemporaries of hers are not resting on their oars at all so why should she? Especially not with the energy and drive the new ones are bringing into the ministry. someone whispered into my ears that she had better control her weight but i shut the person down immediately because i believe as long as you eat healthy and stay fit, you are allowed to be plump. We clamor new materials from Lara George and while she is at it she can dial back a little on the makeup and the 1980s inspired sequence because it didn’t work neither for her nor for her backup singers at Alabanza 4 concert. Enough said!

After all is said and done Alabanza 4 (the sounds of Africa) was a success. I am looking forward to the next edition. Lara George’s Ministration was quite nice. I just did not expect that she will come and be singing “Dansaki re” and Halleluyah” upandan!

PS – It is not cool the Gospotainment Logo was not added to the red carpet backdrop and some promotional Materials but we forgive them as God Forgives us our own trespasses too.




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