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“…thou shalt find two men by Rachel’s sepulchre in the border of Benjamin at Zelzah; and they will say unto thee, The asses which thou wentest to seek are found…”
(1 Samuel 10: 2)

That is the Focal Scripture of Streams of Joy Devotional today.

In our Focal Scripture, Samuel told Saul about two men who would inform him that his father’s lost asses have been found. The men had strategic information about what Saul was looking for. They were divine informants who gave Saul information that solved his puzzle.

Friend, in 2016, God will give you divine information that will help you succeed with ease. God will send you messengers of good news concerning issues that gave you bad news in the past.

Get set for divine informants who will inform you about new opportunities; get set for divine informants who will warn you to steer clear of danger; get set for divine informants who would bring you useful information you don’t have.

If Saul didn’t hear about the recovery of his father’s lost asses, he may have made fresh efforts that would turn out futile. When God sends you divine information, it will stop you from making needless, futile efforts that have been overtaken by events.

When God sends you divine information, it will shorten your journey and make your achievements easier.

Saul didn’t move around in search of information. The men were on his route. God says, your path shall be littered with messengers of good news this year. Like Saul, you will meet strangers that will give you divine, strategic information.

The anointing of Saul was the prelude to the divine informants. Stay connected to the Holy Spirit all year long, and He will daily give you divine information for your future.

Pray With Me: Lord, this year, I receive divine information and messengers of good news, in Jesus’ name!

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