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“Dried up ogun Kara river could open up at any time with dire consequences” says Engr. Adebowale Akinsanya

kara 3Few days ago as reported by Gospotainmment about a section of Ogun State flowing river through the Kara Cattle Market in Lagos which suddenly disappeared.

A lot of people have tag it the ‘wonder of God’ ,some people says it is the the sign of the ‘end time’ as they have not seen such wonder happen before. People have been seen testing the firmness of the river bed but news came in that the Lagos State Government has issued a warning to residents that they should not ply the area.

According to the statement signed by the Commissioner for Waterfront Infrastructure Development, Engr. Adebowale Akinsanya says

“The river is “blocked by vegetation” and it could “open up at any time with dire consequences. A thick layer of vegetation was forced atop the river by a heavy storm, and this vegetation created a compact layer over the body of water, creating a false firm land which people have been seen walking on. It is very dangerous because at any time, the vegetation could give way, swallowing whatever is atop it.”

Engr. Adebowale Akinsanya added also that,

“It is important to notify the public that have been worried about the environmental consequence of a dried up river to note that the flow of the river is still active beneath the vegetation and the situation is been evaluated.

“However, because of the compacted nature of the vegetation residents and onlookers are of the erroneous belief that the river has suddenly dried up and can walk across the vegetation.

“A lot of people that have turned the place to a tourist destination are unaware of the danger lying ahead. It’s important for the public to be aware that the vegetation can give away at any time and can lead to a potential disastrous situation.”

The Commissioner for Waterfront Infrastructure Development, Engr. Adebowale Akinsanya also warned that

“Carrying out any activities on the blockage of this river is unsafe, dangerous and disastrous.

Please keep off.”

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