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American Christian group, Elevation Rhythm released a live performance video of “Reality” today, which can be viewed below. The performance was filmed live at the church’s Ballantyne campus. The track was written by Tiffany Hammer, Aaron Robertson, and Joey Signa.

Elevation Rhythm is committed to producing exciting energy and down-to-earth vibes that youth can connect with, and their single “Reality” fully embodies that vision.

With its uptempo beat and encouraging lyrics, it seamlessly blends worship into everyday listening habits. 

Tiffany, one of the lead vocalists of Elevation Rhythm, says:

“True faith is trusting in God both when we see Him and when we don’t,” . “I love the line in this song that says, ‘I can believe before I see,’ because it reminds me that faith is deeper than just what we can see with our eyes.”

The lyrics focus on how there’s no need to see God to feel Him because His presence is a constant reality in our lives.

Tiffany gives some of the heart behind the lyrics saying that, “The reality of Jesus is more than we could ask or imagine and life with God is better than the best thing we could dream for ourselves.”

Watch The Video Here :

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