Emerge, Much More Lies Ahead; A book on prayer & Intercession

Yinka banjoNot thru yet! Taking my time to study it! Really loaded
Ilori oluwagbemigaGood morning sir, your written script  (EMERGE) is really loaded.I pray for more in-depth  insight to write more that will be of greater BLESSINGS to the global body of Christ.Keep it up.
Tola OlugbemigaJust reading emerge! Powerful!I have pages folded, underlined pages, writing notes! Not a waste whatsoever! I’m a very happy and grateful customer
Daramola Johnson : Great book sir. I take it everywhere I go. Its been a blessing to me: I followed my wife to saloon now. I took it with me and currently reading it: I have being going through some health challenges for some time now. Reading this book is building my faith faster to look up to God for total healingI have never been so relaxed in my believe in God better than when I started reading the book
Patricia FabunmiFrom our latest testifier… Patricia FabPat Fabunmi..
Emerge!! Been a long time I read a book! This book is power packed! The 13th page is just prayer-filled! I can’t just leave the page as if I have never prayed before! Weldone pastor Oluwatosin!Emerge! Go get yours now!!
You can order yours today… WhatsApp. 08077770020
Nike FaladeI’ve read a lot abt the testimonies sir, want it to be a blessing to me too
From olabambo AkinduroI held a beautiful book in my hands. I read and fell in love with the book, and what a befitting title EMERGE. May the ink in your pen never run dry. May the Holy Spirit never depart from you. I am an avid reader of Max Lucado. I thought I was holding one of his books in my hand. Way to go man of God.
From sis. DerinHmmnn! That book getting to the Camp Ground is prophetic. That is the HQ of the RCCG and they are a commission spread over more than 50 nations of the world.
Please don’t delay in taking the copies for the other two outlets. That is also a prophetic thing. Being in those three outlets, I see three hands joined, that’s the Trinity in agreement that the book is going into nations of the world.
Thank GOD that the Amazon thing is in progress.
I truly believe that GOD still has some ace up His sleeves regarding your books.
I join you to thank Father GOD for being so mindful of you. E ri aanu Baba gba! I pray this mercy, grace and love will be generational for good. Your children will enjoy it and their children’s children too for as long as our LORD tarries +Amen.
From sis AnnYour book has put fire in my bones sir?????
Princess OlawunmiEMERGE! EMERGE!! EMERGE!!!This is the time for us as God’s own children to EMERGE. We cannot continue to defend and allow the enemy rob us of our privileges. We must get back to EDEN and reign as God originally created us to be.Bearing this in mind, it’s expedient for each and every true child of God discover who he/she really his and reposition.Are you ready to Emerge?Get a copy of Oluwatosin Olunuga Pastor Pastor-Oluwatosin OlunugaPastor-Oluwatosin OlunugaPastor-Oluwatosin Olunuga Olunuga and you’ll understand what I mean. This is not a medium of advertising, it is pure truth, when you read then you’ll know. You can’t just start the book and not get on bended knees in prayers/intercession.Thank you so much sir for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit. #EMERGE is for such a time as this!!!
Princess OlawunmiA reader ( Olawunmi Princess Adewoyin -based in Mauritius)  blessed by my new book wrote…Amen sir. Waow Pastor I can never recover from this book. I’ve not been able to read further because the first few chapters are transforming. I keep going back and praying with it. It’s a must book that every believer should have. Please plan and do translation to Portuguese and Spanish o. My Brazilian folks here need this book
You should join in this celebration of newness too. Order your copy. 08077770020-whatsapp
Princess olawunmiAnd again from my dear sister in Cape Varde.. Olawunmi Princess Adewoyin …She wrote after reading my new book with a bucket of popcorn… I asked jovially, have you finished your popcorn? And she gave me all these…-Which popcorn? I ignored popcorn when I got ignited by the fire from Emerge.-Mi o ti  recover-My hubby wants to read too. He’s been disturbing. So I told him to go and buy.-I can’t share for now. I’ll rather be selfish-He said he noticed that my prayer this morning during the family devotion has taken a new turn-And please do Portuguese version o. God will help you -This book should go worldwide..
 Hello sir. Hmnnnnn!!! Don’t know what to say. All I know is that you didn’t just write another book: You must have definitely heard from God. The book is blessing me each day: Its not another book to add up to one’s library: 
Its a book one needs for daily lifestyle.As a believer.. I don’t know if you understand. There are some books you buy, read and just drop after getting blessed, But there are some that you must read and reread throughout your lifetime if not missing or stolen: 
Books like Emerge by you, purpose driven life by Rick Warren, God’s chasers ( forgotten the name of the writer) and can you stand the chance to be blessed ( by TD Jakes): 
To ba sonu , I’ll re-buy: I’m just stealing away time, can’t help but tell you
Prof. Shyngle BalogunWell, well & well… Prof. Shyngle Balogun (H.O.D. Dept. Of Psychology, University of Ibadan) just nailed it having read my NEW book,  Emerge..
He wrote:”As a psychologist, we see people first from point of negatives in all ramifications until recently when a new school emerged, positive psychology school of thought. Here every thing should be first looked at from good side, the possibility side. Tosin Olunuga was not trained as a psychologist,  that I know, but in the book EMERGE: much more lies ahead, I see a “gospeler” of positive psychologist, encouraging people from the very word of God, of better lives lying ahead if just the individual can allow the principles sink in.
It is a guaranteed future as promised by God. You are not to accept the present defeating situation but to get out of such as commanded by God, using the strategies of the word, prayers and identification of seasons in which to act.
Just pick up the book and you would have the ” Ah ah, eureka” experience of walking in God’s purpose for you.
You can not miss it with the simplicity of arrangement and presentation devoid of big grammar  “spiritual lingua”, the nuggets highlighted in the margins and so on. I rather you get yourself a copy than tell you of my experience with the book, the choice is yours. To emerge to a better future or to sink deeper in the vestitudes of life you are currently facing, the answer lies in the book and so recommend.(Amen my pastor. The comments were a reflection of the treasures discovered, which blessed me abundantly. More anointing IJN, amen.)
Atinuke OkanlawonNo problem sir…?I know men of worth and wisdom when I see them…although I haven’t seen you yet?but I can discern from your posts on FB that range from sports to politics to religious matter to general issues. Your timeline posts and contributions are always educative and inspiring. Therefore I’m not expecting less from a book written by you sir. I  don’t waste my time sir?

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