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Damola Akiogbe is an anointed worshiper, with an unusual ministry. She is the convener of the yearly program ‘WHERE ARE YOUR ACCUSERS’. Damola is passionate about what she does and she has been doing it for 11 years. She ministers along with her group ‘The EVENING SACRIFICE’ through drama to interpret the scripture. Some of the dramas include – Iniquity which he knows, Running out of wine, For an oath sake, God’s condition, My vision my pain, just to mention but a few.
Many testimonies have come from these ministrations and lives have been transformed in and outside the country.
She has been privileged to minister in programs like the ‘IGNITE worship program, HADASSAH healing conference, WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP, RELEASED (The Special Annual Program of Prophetic Solution) amongst others.
She has also been invited to many ministries like The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Revival Assembly, Living spring ministries, and many more, where she has been a blessing with her unusual grace.
Her dramas, though Bible-based deliver a message that is relevant to our time.
This year’s edition of the program ‘WHERE ARE YOUR ACCUSERS’ is titled ‘GOD UNREHEARSED’, A story about a man who got too familiar with God, he got used to God’s work and forgot to build himself up. It promises to be refreshing.’GOD UNREHEARSED’ comes up on:Date: Sunday, 27th of November, 2016

Venue: Excellence Hotel, Ogba, Lagos

Time: 4pm

Connect with Damola Akoigbe & Where Are Your Accusers:
Twitter: DamolaWAYA
Instagram: whereareyouraccusers
Facebook: Damola Akiogbe, Where are your accusers

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