The much anticipated and hipped iTestify Benin City Concert with Joe Praize
was truly an amazing, inspiring and soul lifting time in God’s presence. It
met and exceeded every expectation!

IMG_6491The concert was well attended at the Christ Embassy New Benin Church
auditorium of Christ Embassy Benin Zone 3. The stage was world-class;
beautifully decorated, lavishly lighted and perfect sound.

The Church a 2-storey gallery structure, was packed full an hour to the
official start time. The over flows were also packed full, long before the
commencement of the Concert. The Church having obtained government permit
to temporarily block the street, setup a projector on the road and more
people were able to participate and bask in the glory of the concert, as
every available space within the compound was occupied!

Joe Praize came with so much anointing as he drenched everyone within and
outside the auditorium in an overflow of God’s Spirit. Ministering
alongside Joe Praize were international Gospel Artistes and Comedians like
Chris Shalom, Ada, Bishop Chikancy, Victor Ike (aka Livingwater), Nolly,
Preye, Nosa and a host of others.

The iTestify Benin City was a huge success as an estimated 5,000 people
from around the City were in attendance. Sixty people got born again and
filled with the Holy Spirit. Some of the New converts were set free from
demonic oppression and baptized the next day.

In her words, as she led the souls to Christ, the highly esteemed Zonal
Pastor of Christ Embassy Benin Zone 3, Pastor Mary Owase said, “all that
counts in life is the relationship you have with God by Jesus Christ.”

It was a most glorious and exciting event that would remain fresh in the
minds of everyone that attended for a long time to come, testified the
Group Pastor of New Benin Group, Pastor Oma Ola-Jeffrey.

One thing is certain, everyone that attended testified of God’s grace,
love, might and glory. Halleluia!

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