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Father Mbaka Calls for Peaceful Division of Nigeria

The voices for dividing Nigeria are growing larger and louder. The popular Father Mbaka’s words come at a critical moment of a renewed call for the creation of Biafra being pushed by several Biafra movement organizations including IPOB and the MASSOB. This recent push was facilitated by the DSS arrest of Nnamdi kanu the Director of Radio Biafra. In a video taped during a night prayer vigil session Father Mbaka said  while kneeling down that if Nigeria wants to be one country it should do so if not let us divide Nigeria up. Reverend Ejike Mbaka in his own words said, “In some countries, Nigerians are treated like monkeys. One of the biggest oil producing countries in the whole universe. That chain that is holding Nigeria will break this night, in Jesus’ name.”

He further said, “If we must be one Nigeria, let it be one Nigeria! If we cannot be one Nigeria, let us divide! “I repeat it. So that when they begin to misquote me, catch me right. Those that are coming to arrest, get ready to be arrested too by the heavenly powers.”

Father Mbaka further said, “If we are to divide, some Igbo people would want to be Hausa. Of course you know that. So let everybody go to where he wants to go to. There are some Igbo people who have no hut in their father’s house here. But they have 10 storey buildings in Abuja, in Lagos. Have you ever seen any story building built by a Hausa man in Igbo land?” The crowd roared “No” in answer to Father Mbaka’s question. This comes as a surprise to everyone because Rev Mbaka endorsed Buhari for president on his promise of change, which caused a lot of resentment from many of his followers.


Recently in July when Rev Mbaka celebrated his 20th year anniversary as a Priest, President Buhari sent him warm congratulatory messages.

In a statement issued by Buhari’s Senior Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu on Wednesday, July 29, 2015, President Buhari praised Mbaka’s attributes saying: “Father Mbaka is a great priest who was not afraid to speak truth to power, even at the cost of his own life or being hated by leaders in power. Mbaka was a remarkable example that religious leaders are the conscience and moral compass of the society” The President added, “Mbaka rose to the occasion to add his voice in support of good governance and identify with ordinary Nigerians in the face of despair and uncertain future.”

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