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The most common thing that we all face in life today is loneliness. It gets you today, tomorrow or at some point of time in life. A season of solitude is inevitable wherever you go. Be it office, work place, family, friends, spouse or anywhere you will still sometimes feel a void in your life.
As Sheryl grew up the number of friends also grew, she was a popular face in school and everybody wanted to be her friend. A sudden change in school made her loose her friends, her fame and her fun. Her new school wasn’t as great as she wanted it to be. Life got rough on her and she was in the worst face of her life. Thoughts of suicide, hate and pain took a toll on her and she could barely survive the high tide that was hitting her life.
After few years of hard battle, she found a church near her home and went there couple of times. As weeks pased, she found fellowship among her peers and discovered the love of Christ. Today, she is in a better place working among addicts and helping them get back with life.
Dear reader, if there is one who can fill the void in our hearts, its only Jesus. He walked alone when he took up the cross, his friends deserting him and His own Father deciding to sacrifice him. Even at that moment of solitude, Jesus still decided to choose the Cross because he loves you and me more than anything else in the world. Embrace this lover into your heart.
A verse in the Bible says “Look, I have inscribed your name on my palms; your walls are constantly before me.” Yes even though you’re an orphan or you’ve had a tough childhood or even been forsaken by all and you have decided to give upon life, wait there is hope. God has not given upon you and so you should not too. In your nothingness, you can find everything in Jesus.

By ICPF Bangalore

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