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Fortune Ebel Na My Day- Ft. Danniélove

“Every day that God allows you see is your day. The two best ways you can show
appreciation to God are to thank Him and do all you can to enjoy yourself…;
celebrate!” Being driven my what his Mum – Beauty Ogu-Ebel said to him few years
ago, focused and steadily-rising Gospel Artiste, Fortune Ebel has released his
fourth Single titled “NA MY DAY” {A pidgin title interpreted as “IT’S MY DAY”.

The Gospel Crooner currently serving as a Lead Psalmist in House On The Rock, Lagos,
NIGERIA is really proving to be a Cosmopolitan Lyricist/Singer indeed. Squashing the
chestnut that says “think outside the box”, Fortune says “there’s NO box in the
first place because God neither made nor put us in one…”.

#NaMyDay which he said was inspired by his Mother’s Counsel as quoted above is a
CORE African-root music; crafted for everyone who is grateful to God for the gift of
LIFE and loves to Celebrate. In a fruitful synergy, Fortune featured the Songbird
himself/ChukwuMuoNso Crooner – Dannielove {another HOTR Lead Psalmist} who this
time unleashed a RARE part of his ability- communicating in the Igbo dialect in what
we best described as Soulful-Singing. He nailed the song! With lyrics well tailored
and singing seamlessly delivered, #NaMyDay is surely a daily anthem and the Nigerian
press have come to describe this song as “EVERYBODY’s”.
Hello, Earth! enJOY this song as you keep trilling yourself #NaMyDay!!!

Na My Day

The Lyrics

Verse 1
Today e come because of me
I get many many reasons
To dey THANK GOD with this song
My life e special
My blessings I no fit count am
That’s why today
This mmadu {“somebody” in the Igbo dialect}
Dey celebrate, oya mazamaza
Follow me dance to my Jehovah
This dance e get small shakara
Baba GOD dey make me dance!

Na my day! {hey!}
Am ALIVE to celebrate
My day my day!?

Verse 2
Aghogho! Joy, Aghogho!
Na my right as a Christian
Yes, eenh enh!
To GOD I said my prayer
Really Really He answer
That is why, today
Mmadu dey jubilate
I dey Dancia! Dancia! Dancia!
Celebrating because I RULE!!!

Repeat Chorus

The Bridge
Baba GOD, You do am for me
Na my day
Dance iyah iyah!
Yes, You do am for me
Na my day
Dance iyah iyah!
I dey dance to thank You, PaPa
Na my day
Dance iyah iyah;
GOD, I dey dance to You
Iye! Iye! Iye!/! Iye!

Aka na agbaji Igwe {The Hand {God} that breaks iron)
Na my day
Dance iyah iyah!
Aka mu di na elu o {My hands are up to You}
Na my day
Dance iyah iyah!
Ife nile ineme di uto {everything You do is sweet}
Na my day
Dance iyah iyah!
Oya X
Everybody jubilate

Iye! Iye eeh, eh eh!

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