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Frank Edwards & Friends : The Event || @FRANKRICHBOY

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The Frank Edwards and friends event made a fantastic return as promised on the 18th of June 2017. This brought together an array of stars from the Nigerian gospel industry, including the ever busy Sammie Okposo, Ccioma, Glowreeyah Braimah, Tim Godfrey, Sophyia, Mairo Ese,Nkay, Gil Joe, and SoulTune.

The event which was billed for 6pm – 8pm lasted a little longer that most anticipated but i can assure you it was definitely rewarding especially for the children in attendance who each walked away with, or should I say were each blessed with a #100,000 by the host Frank Edwards while he was ministering. Yes Wow, but that was not all the blessings that followed as a toddler who sparked the giving would have this morning woken a millionaire( frank blessed the baby girl with a million naira). Frank Edwards reveled to his friends that a revelation for him says he has a blessing from children.

Wow What a Man!!!

Well it was not all money gifts as the ministers who took the stage left the crowd enthralled in praise and worship. A particular song that has people buzzing done by Ccioma ..


Tim Godfrey was as usual his usual “on your feet and jumping kind of praise”, we had give aways like Glowreeyah’s CD “The Expression” and Mairo’s “The Worship of Yahweh”.

One of the Mom’s who was at the event with two of her children (n who begs anonymous) “i wanted to leave but the holy spirit told me to stay that there are blessings yet to come. Lo and behold Frank Edwards while ministering blessed my children with #100,000 each. I cannot but express my gratitude to God and Frank Edwards”

Another fan on instagram wrote ; mayomuziq Man of God, Thanks for putting this program together. I didn’t know why in the midst of so much work i puuuushed to come, but by the time i was leaving pistis hall, i was wrapped in such an atmosphere of warmth and worship to God. Why will He choose me? Why will He choose to show me things? I could have been that mundane guy on the streets. Why did He separate me? Those have been my questions since i left that place yesternight. God’s presence was real, right from the time i stepped into the hall till i left. It was such an experience, i still feel everything till now. Thank you so so much for this event! God bless sir.

We definitely cannot wait for the next one.


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